Girls do you end up regretting your piercings and tattoo's or like them still

A lot have been getting them but some end up regretting them later on , what has your experiences been so far if you have any ?

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  • Like some / but dislike others ( explain which ones or what locations for tats in comments )
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  • I still like all of mine, and I haven't had anything new done in almost four years. I even have some more things I want to have done soon. Granted, I'm young still. But piercings aren't permanent, and I don't mind scars. I don't see how a scar from a piercing is any worse or more 'regretable' than a scar from any other kind of flesh wound, so I never really consider that a valid argument. Even if I end up not liking something later on, it will still serve as a reminder of my past. I can't regret my past because it makes me who I am now. I live for the moment. I don't dwell on the past and the what-ifs.

    I also agree with Onetwo3. We seem to have a similar mentality on the issue.


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  • I love mine, basically every adult I know tells me I'll regret it when I'm older. My view is that if a tattoo is my biggest concern then my life is going pretty well. Also I think they reflect who you were in that moment and there's nothing wrong with that. It's like that terrible picture from elementary school that everyone has, it may be be the greatest but you keep it around cause it was part of your life.

  • I love my tattoo. My husband and I got them a week after we got married, so it has meaning to me, and its in a conservative location. I absolutely love my ink, and will definitely get other tattoos that have significance to me.

  • i'm sure my views on them will change once a get older that's why I would never get a tattoo.. pirecing can close up


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