Girls, Long Salon nails... any advice?

Feeling bit silly... with school finished and awaiting grades etc to go to uni etc... dating hot guy... and. wanting to look good for trip to dubai w a coupls weeks ago... I had full set of acrylic salon nails done. All fine on trip w nothing much to do other than shop... chill and look good. .. back in reality. ... feeling the 3 inch tips totally impractical. .. although look great. Any advice on getting used to appreciate d before consider having taken off.

Sorry meant 3cm... not inches lol


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  • I don't know why girls think these nails are hot of sexy. ...3cms sounds quite long.. No wonder you find then tricky


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  • Go get a refill done at the salon and ask them to make your nails shorter

    • Thanks but meant tips on how to cope w long nails. .. picking up change... doing buttons up etc...

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    • Ok.. thxs... whet kind of shape and length?

    • Usually 2-3 cm I do square or pointed