What do you guys think of the clothing outfit I have linked below?

Below is an outfit I like. I print screen and cropped part of an image from a youtube video of indie styled mens clothing. IGNORE the bowtie the rest of the outfit i think looks nice. I'm trying to recreate the style with finding clothes from Asos and other online shops.

--------------------------------------------------This is what I'm trying to recreate--------------------------------------------------------
What do you guys think of the clothing outfit I have linked below?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 - The Jacket (couldn't find a more pale blue jacket).
2 - the shirt (This is a placeholder but it does look similar).
3- Black jeans (I tend to buy these in story and I get the stretch skinny ones... super skinny is way too tight on me.. but with my blue jeans the fit looks similar because my legs are bigger)
4- The shoes (Not sure how well it goes... perhaps a lighter brown would be better I'm not sure)

I like the shirt being tucked in as shown in the first image. Let me know what you think, guys too. If anyone knows where i could likely get a more similar version of the jacket or shirt let me know, i will keep looking for now.
For a more casual look i may just wear black trainers (say If im just going to the shops).


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  • Ohhh honey... noooooo

    You can do better than this. The top and bottoms are fine but you need to pick a different jacket. You have too many textures working against one another and it's jarring.

    • Yeah agreed... the jacket in the first picture would you agree looks a lot better? Or was that the jacket you were talking about?

    • Only if you get a different wash on denim. That light colored distressed look isn't right for your outfit.

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  • Looks like a good casual look to me

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