Cutting my hair, how short do I go?

well right now my hair is down to my boobs. I think it is time to cut it. I am wondering how much to cut. Should I just trim a few inches, shoulder length, up to my ears, or get a pixie cut (like boy short but sexy), or leave my hair as is. I just want to know what hair looks the sexiest.

  • Keep it long, don't cut it
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  • Hmmm, a few inches is what it needs
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  • Shoulder length is perfect
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  • Up to the ear lobes is great
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  • Pixie (boy short but feminine), be daring you can rock it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • As someone who has had very short hair and very long hair, I have to say that I got the most attention when my hair was long (mid-to-low back). Currently, my hair is quite long and I am getting a great deal of attention.

    That said, you should cut your hair as short as YOU want it. If you're looking for a change, but like your long hair--change up the color, style it differently, etc. Honestly, your confidence, kindness, and charm will be sexy enough to turn heads.

    • Best answer imo. I voted for shoulder length because it is still relatively long but also more convenient than long hair. I struggle with the convenience aspect a lot >_<

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What Guys Said 5

  • Well given your username, "Iwant2bamodel" I'd say keep it long. Most models have hair as long as yours is, you could go a few inches if you feel really strongly about it, but if not I'd say keep it like it is.

    And personally I think girls with longer hair are more attractive, but that is just my opinion.

    • Nah, most models I work with have pixies or long hair, so anything works with the fasion industry. all I am wooried about is what it would look like when I am out in public. I wanna look my best to catch guys attensionwithout doing anything exept looking pretty :P

    • Well then, like I said before, a girl with long hair is more likely to catch my eye

  • I think you have a pretty versitile headshape, you could probably go for any of the above.

    Personally I like long hair so I'd say maybe a couple of inches or leaving it as it is =)

  • I find your hair gorgeous. Don't cut them.

  • i never really a boys hair cut on a girl to be sexy

    i would say a little longer then shoulder is fine

    and short hair (up to your ears) could look sexy but only if you have the right attitude/face to rock it

  • i would leave it chick I think it looks FAB !


What Girls Said 1

  • dont go shorter than shoulder length