LEG HAIR? Under arms hair removing?

i am a girl who needs a simple way to remove my body's hair without any chemicals without hurt and without something that will increase the hair after growth

i use a machine remover hair btw

ANY IDEAS, tell me how you react with it


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  • well, I am sorry but there is not really anything for us girls to do without pain to look good. I mean no beaty no pain. the only thing that will meet all your requirments would be laser hair removal witch is highly expensive, it hurts abit,but after that no hairs for the rest of your life.

    I just wax and shave, that is as good as it gets. If pain is what is keeping you from waxing...I suggest wrapping the area in a cold towel that was soaked in ice water then crush some asprin and rub it over the area, wash it off and dry the area then put some baby powder on the area,it helps the wax form not sticking to your skin. as for shaving just shave every time you take a bath since shaving makes hait grow more, but if you keep it trimmed nobody will notice.


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  • Just shave. It's fast, it's easy, and it's painless unless you get a nick...ouch!

  • if you were thinking of trying laser hair removal like want2bamodel suggested, I would do more research on it. I had found out that if you do get it, they close up sweat glands also. this could lead to other things like infections. I have used razorless hair gel and it lasted longer than regular shaving. it also helps if you choose the right razor too.

    hope this helped =-)

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