How to deal with sparse hair?

I don't think it looks good on facial hair, what you do with them?

I use trimmer, i don't shave. Most of you getting wrong idea. I facial hair are little sparse meaning all hairs are not even and there's little gaps. How to fix that?


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  • Try coconut oil or Argan oil! Rub it on your face and let it soak in. Do this as often as you are comfortable. It's great for skin and helps hair growth a lot. This also works if you want to grow out hair on your head, or make it healthier. You could also always rock a bare clean-shaven look.


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  • shaving does most men justice :) or lazer removal if u want something more extremee...

    • I think you got wrong idea. I want hair spread evenly on my face, like proper facial hair.

    • well u can't reallymake the hair grow. so if u remove it u will b smooth. sorry. thats what i meant. I don't know if that makes sense.

  • Shave it. I see no other way.

    • See Nua's opinion. People are not reading question damn

    • I read the answer, there is no need to be rude.
      That didn't work for my ex but whatever. You can still attempt it.

    • Sorry but i m not being rude.

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