How to help my boyfriend feel better after a car accident?

so anyway my boyfriend john broke both of his ankles in a car accident and he's coming over tonight

what things can I do to him to make him feel better I really want to take care of him what can I do is there anything I should wear to help like a tight shirt or a tight shirt and a pink thong plz tell me what I should do plz


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  • Dressing like a slut is not going to help him might turn him on but I'm assuming he can't have sex am I right? What you should is be there for him hold his hand and just be there for him let him know you care and that is all it will take knowing you care for him will make him a happy man

  • I find it kinda odd that your wanting to dress up sexy for him. If I were him I'd be in no mood for something like that after being in an accident. I'd say just hang out, watch a movie, cook him dinner, just do something nice/casual for him.

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