To natural black girls: what are some ways you have maintained your natural hair and any tips?

So I've been natural for about 5 years, (I big chopped when I was 15) and in the span of those years (mind you, I only had a relaxed hair for 2 years) I have cut, colored, and done everything in between to my hair. At this point, I'm kind of lost on how to care for and manage it and I'm a bit of a lazy natural so I like to tamper with it as little as possible. I know that manipulating it, is horrible for natural hair but I couldn't help myself. Now, I'd like to grow it back as long as I had it when I was younger (pre-relaxer) and I'm gonna need some tips on how to do that.

A little back story on my hair:
I have colored it 20 times in the last 5 years and 15 of those times it has been pre lightened to achieve the desired color.

I have cut it 7 times in the last 5 years and 3 of those times I've had an undercut (all the way around and on both sides, which is actually what I had prior to trying to grow it out right now)

I have to 3c, 4a mixture if you're into that hair typing sort of thing and define my curls as big and wispy to small and tight s coils

I recently had just above shoulder length natural hair and an undercut and need tips on how to grow out an undercut and what to do once it reaches a certain length so that it'll match up with the rest of my hair.

I'll attach a pic so you have something to reference!

Me currently:
To natural black girls: what are some ways you have maintained your natural hair and any tips?

Sorry for the quality of the picture, I don't take really take selfies and was in a rush when I took this one.


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  • Unfortunately, I can’t give you tips. But I can give you encouragement. I think it is totally hot when African American woman go natural. You are, by the way, very pretty.


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  • Rinse and condition your hair instead of just shampooing it
    use your fingers to detangle your hair first before combing it
    use a good hair conditioner that will keep your hair moisturized throughout the day that is not greasy
    Avoid grease, I do not use it, and I have not used grease in years
    get braids but make sure they are not too tight
    use a silk scarf or bonnet at night
    avoid using heat and chemicals to straighten your hair as much as possible
    if you must relax, relax your hair once a year. i use to relax my hair once a year and thats it and my hair did not get damaged
    plait the hair at night to avoid tangles
    use a curl defining creme
    Avoid becoming a product junkie, use one or two products that you know will work for your hair
    my sisters and i use mixed chicks, but that does not work for every black person because we all have different hair textures


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  • I have 4c hair, and it's currently at armpit length. (I was born without ANY hair lol so I have been natural since 2002)
    Always have a hair care routine. Every girl's hair care routine is different and you just have to find a routine which works really well for your hair and then you see results.
    Wear a lot of protective styles and styles that can help grow out your hair. Since you are also lazy (like me), you can look up youtube tutorials on really easy, quick protective hairstyles.
    Find a really good growth serum, or make one yourself. I usually make a castor oil, eggs and mayonnaise mixture for mine (I know it's kinda gross, but hey, protein is good for the hair, right? ;)
    Try not to manipulate it as much. It's fun doing that and you can colour and bleach your hair a few times but don't overdo it. Also, if you are going to use heat, please use heat protection.

  • Do not you use any shampoo's with sulphates. Shampoos loaded with sulphate can leave unprocessed Afro hair feeling incredibly dry as it removes too much of the hair's natural oils.

    A silk scarf is a must. Wearing a silk scarf to bed will not only protect your hair from friction (breakage), it will stop your hair from losing moisture.

    Condition Condition Condition. I cannot emphasise this enough. Hair not deeply and consistently conditioned will eventually break off. Use a conditioner, rich in moisture elements, after shampooing your hair. Also, choose a conditioner designed for thick and curly hair. After conditioning you hair, use a dampener or leave-in conditioner to prevent hair knots.

    Afro hair are predominantly dry and it needs regular oil treatment for remaining humid and damp. Use standard pomegranate seed oil and softly massage your hair strand to its tips. Use your fingertips to evenly spread the oil over your scalp, the hairline and the hair-ends. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and mildly heat them, using a hair dryer. Leave it for quarter of an hour and then rinse all traces of excess oil.

    Also please stop dyeing your hair.

  • Well, first, if you have dyed your hair in between those 5 years, then you haven't been natural for 5 years.

    BUT, an easy way to grow your hair out, maintain it, and make sure it doesn't break off is making sure it's hydrated. And make sure you wrap it before you go to bed to prevent split ends. Twist outs are really easy to do. You can sleep in them and when you take them out in the morning, you have a curly look that required no heat.

    Also, use argan oil on your hair when it's wet. I usually spritz my hair with a spray bottle mixed with water and some type of conditioner before I go to sleep. I put argan oil in my hair every time I was my hair, too. And make sure you leave your conditioner in at least 5-7 minutes.

    Or you can do what I'm doing now. I have a sew in. My hair is in cornrows underneath so my hair is growing out thicker without breaking off and I don't have to worry about styling it. It's not the cheapest option, but after 6 months of having one, my hair grew 5 inches and was much thicker and more even.

    • Also, one last thing, but look at your diet. Hair is just an extension of your skin and if you're eating unhealthy or a lot of processed foods, it'll inhibit your hair growth. I noticed when I started eating egg whites and greek yogurt for breakfast, my hair was thicker and healthier. Didn't necessarily grow faster, but there was a noticeable difference. Lots of protein will do a head of hair some good.

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    • Also, I consider my diet to be considerably healthy. Even when I have "junk food", it's never too often and is always in moderation. I also drink plenty of water too.

    • Hahahah, I totally get that. I get so frustrated when I see it on the other side of the bed like I didn't spend 10 minutes wrapping it around, lol

  • It's definitely a chore caring for your natural hair. I don't do much to mine besides wash and deep condition. I use Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex shampoo and conditioner. And also V05 conditioner. I wash and deep condition every other week. I used to detangle and then blow dry on low. I recently purchased a blow dryer with a detangler piece on it. My hair is naturally oily for some reason so I try not to put a bunch of stuff in it. I've been looking for a good leave in conditioner.

    My advice to you would be to do less. Find a food shampoo and conditioner and wash/co-wash. Keep it moisturized. And protective styles are great for when you're looking for low maintenance while trying to gain length. At least it's been working for me. I wear a lot of protective styles, so my hair is braided up most of the time. I'm due for a trim and length check but I've noticed that my braids have gotten longer and that's without fully straightening my hair.

    Good luck.

  • I'm only 15 so I'm still trying to manage mine : ( but I try to moisturize as frequently as possible so that its not dry : ) still trying to manage frizziness though

    • I moisturize well I think but my hair is always dripping which is bothersome, ugh!

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    • Yay, hair twins! And thank you!!

    • your welcome! : )

  • Co-wash more often that you shampoo. Protein treatments once a month unless your hair is protein sensitive. Deep condition once a week. Massage your scalp with natural oils to promote growth. Water is a moisturizer and use oil to seal in the moisture. Wear a satin cap when you sleep or put a satin pillow case on your pillow. That's all I can think of right now, you should get a Pinterest and find a natural hair care board and see what you can find.

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