Okay, I'm going to try to explain the issue. No biggy, just kind of annoying. At the center of my hairline just above my forehead, I have some hair that sort of sticks out and won't cooperate when I attempt to style my hair. What is this called? And do you have any tips on what to do with it? I'll post a close-up pic on my profile photo album. Thanks a bunch!

Actually, I can't upload a pic right now, my picture program is acting up. Maybe some of my other pictures will show it. :)
I tried cutting/shaving it, but it kind of looks weird when I do that. My hair dresser said there isn't much I can do with it, but she's kind of an idiot. Maybe if I just let it grow out, or will that not really work?


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  • I think that is called a "cowlick", my brothers have that problem also... sorry no help but googling cowlick might give you some.

  • it's called a widows peak, and I wouldn't recommend shaving it because if you do itll just grow thicker and longer.Ive never tried to shave mine and it doesn't give me any problems..best piece of advice just rock it ! GOOD LUCK :D


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