What should I wear so I look cute/sexy for my boyfriend?

My boyfriend is very casual and I can never seem to pick a style I find attractive that he finds attractive. He seems to only compliment me most when I'm in my underwear or naked -__- and the only clothes he likes on me are plain in my opinion, so a t-shirt and jeans. He compliments me if I wear things like that but I don't feel "sexy" in them. It makes me think he's more attracted when I give off a more comfortable, relaxed vibe? Maybe he doesn't like it when I feel sexy and confident?

His taste: He doesn't like any dark make up, dresses or skirts, and only likes t-shirts, yoga pants, tank tops, black and blue, and skinny jeans. Only likes my hair straight, in a pony tail, or a braid. No waves, curly hair, or bun.

My style: I normally dress sort of trendy and sexy when I go out, sort of like you'd see someone in the city wearing. I like heels, skirts, tights, dresses, dark make up, etc. I like changing up my hair style and not always straightening it, which he likes.

What are some ideas of a relaxed, natural style that I'd feel sexy wearing that my boyfriend would love if he saw? I want to please us both.


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  • I like your open-minded attitude, wanting both of you to be pleased and happy.

    Have you had a lengthy talk with him about what he likes and dislikes as far as clothes? Lots of guys just find the rather plain, casual, comfortable look the most attractive. The more elaborate, sophisticated city attire can look too unfeminine at times and hide a girl's beauty. Have you two looked through some fashion magazines so that he can point out certain looks and clothes he really finds appealing and could say you'd look fantastic in? I would recommend this.

    Personally, I work with professional women who dress up in rather impressive attire, and some of them are beautiful in a professional way. However, I've also seen most of them in jeans or shorts and clingy tank tops and flip flops, too, and I find them to look a lot more comfortable, girly, sexy, playful, attractive, and fun to be around when they're in this type of casual clothing.

    I hope your boyfriend is comfortable enough to let you know what the most attractive style and look is, in his opinion, without being afraid of offending you. If you're open-minded, you'll be open to his suggestions even though some of his opinions may surprise you.

    No matter if a girl's wearing fancy clothes or very casual, I like to see her shape and figure. If her attire allows me to see her shape, I'm pleased. Personally, I really like to see my girl looking casual, wearing jeans that fit well on her, a clingy tank top or spaghetti-strap top (white preferred), some earrings, and some cute flats or flip flops or Converse chucks or heels. That's all I need to be able to smile and say, "Sweeeet." In the summer, I like a girl in short denim or athletic shorts, flip flops or Nikes or Converse, and a clingy top or better yet, a rather short white crop top. That's really hot to me. These are natural and down-to-earth and sexy, but not slutty in my opinion.

    Talk about what you each really like and have some fun!

    • Thanks! That's a really good idea. I'll go over some looks with him and see what he says :) I also like crop tops but he doesn't like when I show off cleavage or my stomach! Or not a lot of it anyway.

    • Sounds like a plan! I like crop tops because I like to kiss tummy. Good luck!

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  • Well, it will be hard to find a guy who doesn't like leather leggings.. you can pair it with a really comfortable loose sweater!