So I need a whole new wardrobe?

What should my staples be?
I have a shit ton of clothes, they all need to go. Either worn out, shit that's still got labels on or things I've never worn and I can't wear now because it's just not me, and the biggest reason- most doesn't fit me the same anymore. I had a kid this year and my body changed- wider hips and my stomach isn't as firm.

So I'm just gonna give all the crap stuff to a textile recycling place and sell everything I've never worn.

What shall I get?
How many jeans, tees, cardigans, how many of everything really...
I just need a base wardrobe really, then I'll add to it later as time goes on or when I see nice stuff.

I'm so excited to be going shopping haha I haven't had a real shopping spree in years. So if you've seen anything cute, let me know too :)


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  • For shirts some tank tops, t shirts, graphic tees, sweaters, hoodies, cardigan. For pants skinny jeans in light and dark and other styles like boyfriend, flare, bootcut, Capri. Some dress pants like khakis and other pants like sweatpants and yoga pants if you like those. Some boots and sneakers and flip flops. Some casual belts (black and brown) to wear with your jeans to look nice or hold them up. New bras and underwear if you need them. A diaper bag for baby stuff.

    Hope this was a help, going by what my sister wore after having kids, usually just casual clothes that get dirty and you can run and bend in you don't need to dress up much at this point kids will make you get messy anyway. ☺️


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  • Get a lot of basic pieces with neutral colors, so that almost anything you have can go well with everything. That way you can easily mix and match different clothes. Simple solid color t shirts are ideal because they're basic clothing items you can build on with something interesting like a metallic skirt for example or sort of a statement piece. Just like t shirts, jeans, scarves, cardigans, and leather jackets are also wardrobe essentials. With that said, spend on a few outfits you like depending on your style for special occasions. Basic clothes are necessary but your best outfits should about what you like, they should show off your personal style.


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  • get some nice dresses/ leggings/pants and tops that are flattering.. but don't throw away all of them.. you might still be able to wear them once you drop weight

  • I think it depends on what you like. I have like 5 or 6 pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of yoga pants, two dress pants, some mini skirts and maxi skirts and dont get me started on shirts lol. I have more shirts than anything else except maybe bras lol. I think having at least 10 different bottoms is good. Maybe 10-15 shirts, 7 bras, I can't say about under wear or bras cause I have too many. Cardigans are great too, maybe one in each of your favorite colors?