Why is my neck darker than my face and body?

Is it normal? Are there any natural remedies?


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  • It almost certainly isn't.

    You are probably just looking at yourself in lighting that reflects off yr face to a greater extent than it reflects off yr neck.
    Which is... just about ANY lighting (since yr face is pretty much right out there, while yr neck is literally back in the shadows).

    If you're looking at pictures, rather than looking at yrself in the mirror... still same thing, since there obviously has to be some sort of lighting on yr face to take the picture in the first place.
    (If you're using flash, the difference might become even *more* pronounced, depending on the angle of the camera.)


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  • wear sunscreen

    • I do wear sunscreen!! But the sun hits more the face than the neck... and I can see that my face is lighter! Thanks for answering!

  • What ethnicity are you? I see this a lot in Hispanic people and I don't think there's much they can do about it.

    • I am hispanic! But when I ask someone else they say it looks normal!😄 thanks for answering!

    • Maybe it's you just having a keener eye when it comes to yourself. A lot of people notice things about themselves that others don't so it's probably not a big deal. And no problem!