Fashion question: when girls wear dark shades (sunglasses), are the eyebrows supposed to be visible above the glasses?

... or are the glasses supposed to hide the eyebrows?

by the way... I am just asking a question my wife asked me while trying glasses and I did not know what to tell her. :)


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  • It's depends on the shade style. I used to love oversize shades, so it wouldn't shows my eyebrows.

    • Ok. So the big shades (mostly in fashion lately) are technically supposed to hide the eyebrows.

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  • I would say depends on the frames - Big frames should probably hide eyebrowa

    • I agree. But these days they are all so big. I keep telling her why not pull the tinted windshield of her car and hold it while walking. Anyway, thanks for the input.

    • Thanks for MHO

    • You're welcome my friend. Sincere input is always appreciated.

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