Young guys aged 18-30: Why you grow this thin 3-4 day beard?

I never liked it personally, so I don't follow it. Clean shaven forever.

  • I'm a fashion victim and I want to be "in"
    0% (0)
  • I just like it
    43% (6)
  • I'm bored to shave every day
    21% (3)
  • I don't follow this trend
    36% (5)
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  • Partly because I don't really feel like shaving all the time, but I guess the main reason for me and the people that I know who does this, is that you look a bit older and not like a total baby face

    • Actually I don't follow it because of this. I had to be like that for some time, when I was sick and I couldn't shave... and I found it totally gross. I was looking like 30 (I was 22 when it happened).

      I'm 25 and I look 20 clean-shaven... I can't imagine how old I would look with this thing.

What Guys Said 3

  • Stubble?
    I like how it looks, but I hate the itchiness, look and feel of a full beard so I keep mine trimmed to about 7 mm.

  • Because im too dam lazy to shave everyday

  • I don't follow that trend, I have a longer ~2 month beard