Why does it make me mad to see a cute or very cute single girl?

I sometimes see cute or very cute girls see something wrong with them. Because how can a girls be so cute and have no boyfriend? All you have to do is walk outside and hundreds of men will try and talk to you yet you still have no boyfriend?

Do anyone see my logic? and why does it make me mad? lol


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  • People call me cute all the time and I hardly ever get approached by guys (except for in bars or clubs) but people could be lying to me (which I'm starting to think they are). In the event that they're not lying I'm really shy. During the day I wear sunglasses to glass and pretty much keep my eyes to the ground or I'm staring off into space so I wouldn't know if guys are looking at me or not. Even if I see a hot guy I'll look and then suddenly become very interested in the ground again. In my experience guys don't try and talk to me off the street, whenever I wind up talking to a guy it's usually at a party over the weekend, probably because I look more approachable then. Also, my first/last relationship was a bad one so now I'm extra careful about who I date or hook up with, which lately has been no one, because I just have issues trusting guys as anything more than friends because I don't wanna get screwed over.

    • Excellent point. If you are interested in understanding my opinion on why they aren't approaching you (per a different topic you replied to), let me know and I'll explain in a message.

    • Wow to your comment lol :)

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  • This might be a shocker for you, but not all girls are looking nor do they want a boyfriend!

    • Ok true lets think about the ones that do want one.... btw you a great answerer I see you a lot :)

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    • Girls sure do have more options than guys^^ I think sometime they take it for granted but anyway thanks for the thoughts katie.. one question for you katie do you tell men that you are not looking 4 anything serious?

    • Guys I am not sure why you would think girls have more options than you do?

      Yes whenever I get to know someone I let them know that I'm not in it for the long run.

  • *sigh* yea every time I walk out of my house I get asked that...by wierdo creepy guys.

    I kno I'm cute (im not a ten but I'd give myself a 7) and yet allllllllll the cute guys are taken. :/

    Its hard to find non creepy, guys who aren't players now a days.

  • Not everyone wants to be in a relationship all the time, some people choose to be single believe it or not. I know I do.

    • Yes that's true... but you must have a "friend" right? or someone that's special to you

  • well yes that's logical, but not all girls wanna be in a relationship all the time! I was single for about 2 years before I met my current boyfriend, I would get offers left and right, but I just wanted to be single for awhile! not because I'm a hoe and didn't want to be chained down, just because relationships sometimes get boring or complicated or too intense. and I didn't want that at the time

    • Hmm, I like how you said that, but I do have a question about it --> During the 2 years, would you have minded being courted without officially dating anyone? If not, what changed your mind towards dating with this current boyfriend (after the 2 years)?

    • Im starting to see where the commentors are coming from... thanks for your input. By the way I'm wondering the same thing as the person above me..

    • Idk I just didn't really want much to do with guys, more than a friendship anyway.

      but there was just something about this guy, somthing that just really caught my attention.. I don't know what changed my mind I almost even turned him down! I guess we were just meant to be or something.. even tho we fight like crazy now :/

  • Most guys want to have sex with you and not start a relationship. Maybe that's why they're single

    • Very true but if over a thousand men approach you in a matter of two weeks or less ( I'm talking about the super cute girls ) and you don't have a boyfriend how? lol maybe I'm just thinking too much into it

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    • This is f***ing screwed up the question asker is assuming you MUST LIKE someone....some people remain single their whole life...I can't get past AND I'm alittle creeped out by the fatc that you think a girl (or guy) if presented with enough options MUST choose to like someone...like its a supermarket cereal brand choice or something...

    • Dan, I doubt he is assuming that at all. He is just wondering why women haven't gotten lucky enough to find the right guy. When you are presented with more options (1000 guys); then you should be able to have a higher success-rate of finding someone that is of interest.

      I think the point he is getting at, is that (stereotypically) women will reject a majority of men. And that they probably do pass up some great opportunities, due to their own defence from abusive relationships. Make more sense?

  • That's the problem, for attractive girls, they never know if a guy genuinely likes her or is just bullsh*tting her to get in her pants. Or maybe they got out of a tough relationship

    • Ok true. How would I show my genuine interest without looking like the average joe? I'm under the notion that the best way show genuine interest is to spend money on them. how do you feel?

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    • Honestly anon, the reason being that I, myself, was like that... Is because of a humongous pain from pursueing the wrong women. I'm certain that you've had your own moments as well. But that pain isn't easy to overcome. Sometimes our minds rationalize it better by just generalizing a brush-stroke-statement over the stereotype or societal trend.

      You sound rather interesting. The part I like most is where you state: "If you think she's showing interest, then flirt; if she flirts back, go for it"

    • Thanks for your input actually I am going to heed myself to what you have said about showing genuine interest and maintain optimism... By the way most girls do think spending a lot of money on them shows genunie interest which is not necessarily true... like a man spending a thousand dollars on a date... I seen it

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  • I see you're logic, but do you see mine?

    They have standards and don't care to date a guy that they assume will hurt/use them.

    They do not want to look like baffoons where they are labeled as bitches for dating only the jerks. They want Mr Right, the guy that will take care of them.

    Their night-in-shining armor... They don't want the average kid. Each has their own personal desires, some are more focused on school... Some are waiting for mr right... some are waiting for their boyfriend to come home from the military. Who knows? Who cares? it's their choice...

    And it doesn't frustrate me. Infact, I find satisfaction with it. Because I see that they are cute, where I start my approach. When I find out they are single, I'm dumbfounded and we usually have a conversation about it. I've met a lot of cool friends that way.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I agree with women wanting mr right and all that but what I'm saying if hundreds and hundreds in a day try and talk to you and no one is "boyfriend material" than something must be wrong with her right?

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    • I would recommend looking at it like this:

      - Rather than her shutting down all these men and that something is "wrong" with the situation; that you are saving each other a bunch of time.

      Between traditional courting methods, dating, etc.. I would rather find out upfront that she is guessing that I won't be a good match for her, so I can progress my efforts into another relationship where things have a higher chance for success.

      So it's actually a benefit from the way I see it.

    • ^In the long run, that is definitely the way to look at things.

  • As stated, I imagine that it would be difficult for a lot of women to see where a guy is coming from and what his intentions are - there's plenty of us out there that are genuinely looking for relationships, but women have to be somewhat on guard because there's also plenty of creeps lurking about also.

  • where are all these cute SINGLE girls...

    I am unlucky enough not to have met them...I do not think I would be troubled by them in the slightest

    • Im talking in general but they are around some are online, church lol, theaters different places

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