Girls, Men That Premaurely Grey Ladies?

So I'm not really a guy that has to worry about his confidence. I'm pretty easily able to think of everything objectively and it helps me realize that women will either reject me or they won't. I try not to get hung up on what it'll be.

However, comma, pause, I do have two things that heavily impact my ego. The first being my body and the second being my hair.

My body's easy. I just stay healthy and any muscle I build on that is just gravy.

As I move into my mid-twenies though, I'm finding my hair's starting to be a callous chore. It started falling out for about a year before I adjusted my diet and started taking supplements. That not only halted it, but reversed it completely. It's stronger than ever now.

However, the sress that made it thin for a while started a more permanent change. Namely the title of this question. It's only a few hairs right now, but I know that snowballs (haha I'm grammar checking right now and I saw what I just did there).

So specifically I want to ask the women here, how do you honestly feel about men that prematurely grey? Don't spare my feelings because this is more recon so I can make an educated decision. Thank you.


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  • I love gray hair! I actually think it's really sexy on younger men! Rock the shit out if your gray hairs! I have a few as well and I'm only 25. I think they're cute lol.


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  • Ryan Locte dyed his hair grey on purpose. Guys with grey hair are no big deal.

    • Sorry, I had to look up who that was. My hair's not going to look like that (at least I don't think so. None of the men in my family went white). It's not some a current trend I can undo as it goes out style either and it's going to patch out. That doesn't really change anything?

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    • Sweet. Taking that as the word of god. Thank you.

    • Stay positive an good luck!