What makes a girl attractive?

Top 10 things you notice about a girl.

Looking for some insight. :

More than that, what are things that really get you interested, specific things?


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  • Top 10 FIRST things?

    1.) She doesn't uses a lot of makeup, so she doesn't looks like a circus clown.

    2.) She's wearing skirt. I love it ^___^

    3.) She actually can communicate instead of staring at me with her mouth shut wanting me to keep my monologue. But that doesn't means that she should babble some bullcrap non-stop.

    4.) Her hair is clean, nice, combed well and beautiful. I don't care about color as long as it's natural (I mean no pink / blue / red / green / whatever).

    5.) She doesn't uses slang. Man I hate when girls use it.

    6.) Smoking girls is a huge turn off for me (however I'm smoking myself lol).

    7.) She doesn't chews gum while speaking.

    8.) She doesn't asks if I wish to invite her to some cafe or restaurant (this question amazed me when I heard it for the first time).

    9.) She's looking at me, not somewhere in the sky.

    10.) She's not solarium freak / victim, so she doesn't looks like a grilled duck.


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  • What makes a girl attractive, well lets see here. I am the type of guy who loves burnettes and she has to have a great body and gorgeous face. In the long run though, I'm really about personality and who she is as a person. I couldn't go out with a girl who doesn't respect herself and others. I would have to go out with someone who is self confident in who she is and how she conducts herself. She would have to have a caring heart and be fun at the same time. But that is just me, I don't like girls who treat sex as a just something casual, and I don't feel that they have and self respect for themselves when they do that. So I guess she would have to be romantic also.

  • that depends on the guy and that depends on u. what ur doing and what you're wearing (if ur on a stage at 2 in the mornnin wearing a thong its obvious what I'm gonna notice). but for normal cases its these things. you kan mix the orders a few times but this is basically it.

    1.body (basic height, and weight)



    4. assets (booty, boobs etc.)

    5. style

    6. chrisma

    7. who she's with (plays a huge role)

    8. posture (believe it or not it does play a huge role. if she carries herself like a guy she may have some butchy-ness to her or may not be intrested in guys at all or she could appear too girly and may in-turn be high maintenance)

    9. aura (unexplainable feeling they get when they look at u. could be very good or bad or none at all)

    10. who else is looking (if she's already owned or targeted)


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