The million dollar question for you girls?

Hi all,

For me it seems as one of the million dollar questions about girls.

What does a girl mean telling another girl that the guy is "cute"?

Yes, cute?


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  • I think everyone's given really good explanations about exactly how they define a cute guy, but I just read your question again, and if you're specifically asking why one girl would say a that guy is cute, to one of her friends, its usually as a conversation opener and a bit of a fact finding mission about the guy in question. It goes like this:

    GIRL 1: "So what do you think about that new guy?"

    GIRL 2: "Yeah, he's cute..."

    Many possible options from here, including but not limited to:

    "I think so too! I was just talking to him yesterday and he seems so nice too, etc..." = your friend is interested, you should back off and let her have him.

    "Yeah, and I think he likes you too you know, I saw him checking you out yesterday..." = your friend is not interested, is encouraging you to go for him.

    "Yeah I know, shame he's got a girlfriend" = always good to know! your friend has already sussed out his status, could save you from later embarrassment/disappointment.

    "Oh yeah but he's such a slut, he's already hooked up with X, Y and Z..." = good to know about gossip and his reputation. And if X, Y and Z also happen to be friends of yours, its probably not a good idea to go there too, could get a bit weird.

    Yeah plenty more options, its just kinda girl code, you're hinting you might like a guy without being too desperate or decisive about it until you can get a bit more info from a friend as to whether or not you want to make something happen.


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  • ok seriously when a girl says that your cute she means that your not hot and your not her type in other words she is just trying to be nice. She thinks of you as a friend and wants to be nice. its nothing special when a girl says your cute but it does mean something when a girl says that your gorgeous.

  • A guy that is cute is not only good looking in appearance but also has a good personality. Usually the whole package.

  • It means that the guy is good looking. It doesn't mean I have a crush on him or anything. It just means I find him worthwhile to stare at. For some girls, cute is different from hot. Hot may be very muscular and tanned. While cute might mean goodlooking in a less muscular way, but it might mean your personality is sweet too. It depends on the girl.

  • I say it when I like a guy, and think he has a good personality. he doesn't come off as being a d-bag, and just seems like someone I want to get to know, and might have a connection with

  • He's attractive.

  • When I call a guy cute I mean that he's attractive, not necessarily handsome or hot, but somewhere in between.

    Nonetheless, he's still good to look at.

    Hope this helps.


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