Do guys like girls with short brown hair?

Do guys like girls with short brown hair (neck length) that curls forward at the bottom on the sides?


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  • its alright, you know, it depends on ure hight,

    i like short girls with short hair, and tall girls with tall hair..

    tall and short hair ! NO.

    short with long hair is alright though.

    • Well then I must look okay because I know I'm short! Everyone tells me that all the time! Thanks for your answer!

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    • What's your definition of short?

    • 5'0'' t0 5'7''

      idk anyone whose 5'0''

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  • I prefer longer hair, but I know a lot of girls who can make short hair work. As mf-ibmj mentioned though, the girls who look good with short hair generally are not tall. Don't know why, but that's how it is.

    • Yeah... that is true! thanks for your answer!

  • A picture of what you mean would help and as cliche as it is, all guys are different. But, sure that style sounds fine. I tend to go for brunettes, but I'm not too picky about hair.

  • It's okay, longer hair is more attractive to me.


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