Do guys really care about girls with?

mild body acne (back and chest)...

I'm not saying severe acne where it's all over the back in big red bumps but like a few on the back with some scaring and a few on the chest that get a bit worse around her period.

And you knew the girl was clean, using medication/a wash to get rid of it.

Would a guy just look past it as no big deal, or would he be grossed out completely.


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  • I couldn't help but notice that you said, "I have a boyfriend and he knows about it I was just wondering."

    I think that's the biggest turn off--low self esteem--your so conceited with your body that you think that's all men see when they look at you. Sure I'd go for: big breast, banging hips, cute eyes, beautiful lips, long hair, hour glass body; and if I could have "every girl in the world," Bath and Beyond, Vicky Secrets. But truth of the matter is, I couldn't handle that, yet maintain all that, anyways.

    I'm not saying you should over look every criteria of your body, but I hope you understand that men don't find the time to look over the great list of flaws anyway. Yeah, if you were covered from head to toe is much of a sight to handle. That can turn heads and stomachs. But, the fact that you are trying, counts.

    So to answer your question on a more personal basis. As long as you didn't come right out and started telling me all your flaws, I wouldn't mind. If I found out later on as the relationship started to build, then I wouldn't mind. But if you decided to tell me everything about you in one day, I'd loose interest.

    Sad to say, I don't think it would be because of your body acne, it may just be that I know so much about you already, it's hard to find any good in all that mess. We start talking one day and all I hear is how messed up your life is, I'd start thinking that was how it was going to be if we got serious. I'd just be another fragment in the diary of Jane's f***ed up past.

    So break it down in baby bites. Men typically DO NOT see all the flaws in a women and immediately loose attraction. It's usually how many of the flaws that are opened up to him/her (because it goes both ways) that causes one to loose attraction.

    You pile a bunch of sh*t on a diamond, depending on how valuable the diamond, I may or may not dig it out. The more sh*t you pile on it, the more you'd have to endure to get the diamond. A lot of work isn't it. So what I'd do; let another man start digging and I'll come in later and finish the job. =) That's why I regret dissing some of the girls back in Jr. High - Elementary.

    • I didn't tell him all in one day. We have been going out for 10 months. He saw me taking antiobiotics at dinner and asked me about it and I first lied and said it was for a urinary tract infection but then I told him the truth later on because I felt like he should just know. I don't complain about anything. He knows I'm a bit insecure but I didn't tell him in one day about this.

    • Essential the key goal is not to be too insecure. Guys hate having to remind girls how beautiful they are. But don't worry, I don't think he cares much. But, how come he didn't find out himself. You too aren't having sex? Not to get too deep, was just wondering why after 10 months of dating you finally found that to be a problem.

    • No we are only 16. We believe we are too young. And I usually don't wear tank tops around him and when I do it is usually during the night. And I don't think he examines my back. So I don't think he noticed before I toldhim.

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  • By the time I found out about the acne, I'm pretty sure I'd already know how I feel about them.

    • So you would look past it? What if you met her and you could see a bit of it on her chest/back?

    • You're thinking about it too much honey - everyone gets pimples at some stage. If you get along with a guy they shouldn't care.

  • My acne f***s me off too, so I wouldn't mind :)


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  • I know a girl who has really really horrible ane on her chest and back. But many guys find her attractive, and it's clearly visable at all times, being that she likes to wear low shirts. So I'm guessing most guys don't care. Personally, I find it a bit gross, but if you're fairly "developed" , they'll look past it. =)

    • I have a boyfriend and he knows about it I was just wondering. Lol. But thanks.