Can a cute, sporty guy like a not-so-cute not-so-sporty girl?

Alright, there's a friend of mine. I'll say it now, he's gorgeous and even though we're just friends, his smile can make me swoon. He's also a really good tennis player. He's around 5'10 with a sturdy build (all major turn on's for me.)

When I first met him I thought he seemed kind of flirty, since he and I were never friends and had no mutual friends, yet he approached me and got my number and everything. But then he went out with one of my friends for about two weeks but he broke up with her. He said his reason was he realized he never really liked her. Mind you, he didn't approach me to get to her--they'd known each other long before I knew either of them.

Okay, so now it's been at least 3 months since the break up, and he's been kinda different.. Like, he looks at me a lot, he always asks me to leave lunch early with him for some reason, he gets kinda mad if I don't get to his tennis games, he teases me a lot... he teases me A LOT. And he smiles a lot too.

So, is it possible? I kinda half like him, half don't, so if he does, cool, if he doesn't, cool!

I just find it hard to believe he does, though people say he does because he always tries to pick a playful fight with me whenever he can. I'm honestly not that physically cute, though my personality is. I'm happy, optimistic, gentle, bubbly, caring, sympathetic, patient, stubborn, kinda shy... so yea, what do you all think? :)


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  • From your description it sounds like a pretty good bet that he likes you.

    • That so? Interesting! Thanks for taking the time to read that essay up there, and for answering :)

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  • It's possible for anyone to like anyone no matter who you are or what you look like. From the sounds of it, he probably does like you, and you're probably prettier than you give yourself credit for, plus personality goes a long way. Don't let insecurities keep you from liking him. :)

    • Thanks for the answer :) Also, thank you for your kindness in trying to reassure me about my looks, but you don't have to. :) I'm not unhappy with them, even though they're a little less than average. My motto is "I'm not happy because everything is perfect, but because I've accepted all the imperfections."

    • Well, that's great that you have that attitude! Maybe I'm just basing it off of myself the way I feel in situations like yours. I have my own insecurities that I have yet to accept, but I'm trying. And I love the motto. Very uplifting. :)