Do you like affectionate men or not?

Hello again wonderful ladies all the world over. jbone needs your mighty woman wisdom again! I'm about to try and take the most beautiful woman that has ever lived off market and make her my new team captain. She's amazing!. She doesn't know it yet, but I think she's the greatest woman ever. I get light headed when I think about her, so before I mess this up I want to know what you think. Do women prefer a man who is not the touchy feely type, which I consider myself to be. Or do you like those guys that are real affectionate. You know, the dudes that were super macho man at the bar and then when your alone with them, they become total canday ass pushovers! Their idea of a fun night is to lay with you on a bed in the spoon position for like 29 hours! Yikes!. Not for me!. Those dudes make me want to throw up in my mouth. - so I gotta figure out which type is more preferred. that way I can work on being a little more affectionate I guess. please give me your thoughts. - thanks again. j. p.s. ill post how it goes. I'm asking her out this week to go on what might be our first date. She has no idea that I feel this way about her. I've wanted to ask her out for a while, but I was afraid she would say no. I'm really nervous, so wish me sing along with me."It has to start somewhere, It has to start some time, What better place.than here.what better time than now" -guerilla radio by rage against the machine. I'm going to listen to that song in my car for courage before I walk in their and get the woman of my dreams" -j


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  • To be honest, I don't mind a little affection from a guy but maybe not on the first few dates. like if I was going steady with a guy I'd wished that he would show a little emotion. holding hands is ok and a few hugs here and there but sometimes all a girl wants is to be held. I don't know if other women feel the same way but that's what I'd prefer.

    Anyway, good luck on your first date and remember that you can only be yourself no matter what.


    • Thanks! if not for your motivation, this would not be happening. I just got home, I will fill you in on the orlando stuff tomorrow. thanks again. your awesome c-money! lol. I had to show you some gangsta love. - j

    • None needed. It was you all along, you just needed a little push. :)

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  • Ok first off, good luck

    Second, I like a little of both. I like a man will hold me. I like a man with strong arms that will pull me close and hold me so tight I can hardly breath. I love passion. It is one thing that I have in excess. My flame tends to fizzle quickly with a guy because I burn really hot and I need a man that does too. If he is too easy to get it becomes boring and I have to move on.

    First date, you should not be too affectionate. Second date should show a little more. Just try and read her and the signs she is giving off. If men pay close enough attention they can pick up on the signs women give off. Most men don't pay enough attention and most women give VERY subtle signs that are almost impossible to read (and then get pissed off if a guy misreads them or doesn't pick up on them at all).

    So CandyASS not good, Macho tough guy not good either.

    A mix of both is good!

    • Thank you for wishing me good luck.- that is very cool of you to do! I am soooo uber effin nervous about this, but I think I can manage.

  • I think something in between is just fine. I would like my guy to be affectionate, but I don't mind if he takes a night out to go all sports crazy with his guy friends or whatever. As long as he is faithful to me, then I will love him for exactly who he is- macho or affectionate or both.

  • I love affectionate guys but all in the right timing and the right amount. Try to read her body language though and if you know her like that then if she's affectionate I'm sure she wants that back. Just don't smother her because I'm independent and want a guy to let me know he's there for me but allow me to have my own life as well. Don't act totally different at a bar like a arrogant man but don't start crying and clinging either. Look in her eyes and really listen to her, ask her what she likes because you're not physic. Wish you the best.

    • You have a good idea here. I never did really think about asking her what she likes. I'm still hoping just to go out on a date with her. I'm glad I asked this question now, so it saves me trouble later. -good stuff- thanks! -j ;)

    • Your welcome we're rooting for you

  • I love affectionate guys! But of course there's a time and place for everything, I wouldn't like it if a guy was affectionate 24/7.

    • Your totally right! I could never be affectionate all the time. That's just creepy to me when men are like that. I can't explain it, it just a guy thing. Its not right and we know it. but my problem is I have to try to be a little more affectionate. I'm not a touchy feely person at all. A girl usually has to ask me. I've just thought it was always the right thing to do by respecting her personal space. and not becoming an annoying dick as well- lol J.

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