Do you like affectionate men or not?

Hello again wonderful ladies all the world over. jbone needs your mighty woman wisdom again! I'm about to try and take the most beautiful woman that has ever lived off market and make her my new team captain. She's amazing!. She doesn't know it yet, but I think she's the greatest woman ever. I get light headed when I think about her, so before I mess this up I want to know what you think. Do women prefer a man who is not the touchy feely type, which I consider myself to be. Or do you like those guys that are real affectionate. You know, the dudes that were super macho man at the bar and then when your alone with them, they become total canday ass pushovers! Their idea of a fun night is to lay with you on a bed in the spoon position for like 29 hours! Yikes!. Not for me!. Those dudes make me want to throw up in my mouth. - so I gotta figure out which type is more preferred. that way I can work on being a little more affectionate I guess. please give me your thoughts. - thanks again. j. p.s. ill post how it goes. I'm asking her out this week to go on what might be our first date. She has no idea that I feel this way about her. I've wanted to ask her out for a while, but I was afraid she would say no. I'm really nervous, so wish me sing along with me."It has to start somewhere, It has to start some time, What better place.than here.what better time than now" -guerilla radio by rage against the machine. I'm going to listen to that song in my car for courage before I walk in their and get the woman of my dreams" -j
Do you like affectionate men or not?
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