Why the look?

This is my situation, when I look in my boyfriends' eyes and talk to him at the same time he looks lost when he looks in my eyes. I mean he hears what I am saying to him and he answers right away but why does he have this lost look in his eyes?



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  • Because men and women speak two totally different languages, lol. I'm serious. He probably has NO idea what you're talking about just like 98% of men out there. But he doesn't want to admit that so he stares into your eyes while trying like Hell to figure out what you're talking about, lol. Either that or like the other girl said, he's BSing.

  • You sure he can see? Maybe he should see an eye doctor.no I'm playing. Seriously maybe his mind is drifting. Some people have mastered the art of B.S.'ing Or pretending to listen (they do a good job) and really they're gone. Try listening to him or asking him questions that require him to think and talk. I would suggest asking him is something/what's on his mind but you might and might not get a truthful answer.