what do guys think of girls wearing plaid? I think its super cute and love wearing it but I know its also more of a "manly pattern" (depending on the color)...

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  • My wedding dress was plaid :]

    This dress: link

    with this pattern: link (Robertson Hunting Green)

    So yes, I love plaid :]

    • Omg that's the cutest wedding dress I've ever seen! I love it! and I love the pattern too

    • Thank you :D It was a wonderful little wedding. My husband wore a matching kilt :] I still look back on the pictures and smile.

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  • I think it's cute

  • depending on how warn it can be cute

  • who says its manly...who cares gurlie rock your style I love it I have tonsss of plaided shirts and button upss! and I still look hot and guess what ha they are not even "girl colors"...wear what makes you comfortable don't worry about no one else!

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