Am I the only one who think it looks stupid when people wear their jackets/coats over their shoulders without wearing the sleeves?

Or maybe this must be some kind of trend but I've never been into Trends because I don't like to do what other people are doing not to say that I'm any better than anyone but I've always been the one who likes to stand out and I am different from others so following Trends was never my thing to do. But I've always thought that it looks really retarded when people wear their jackets or coats over their shoulders without wearing the sleeves and it makes them look like they have four arms that's why we have sleeves in the first place so that you can put your arms in the jackets it would make no sense for them to keep making jackets or coats with the sleeves if people are not wearing them properly. And I think risky when the jackets/coats because anyone can just come from behind them and snatch it if of their shoulders

I just don't understand for the life of me what makes people think that this is attractive or somehow appealing but it's not I think it looks very ridiculous this looks like something you would see 4 year olds do.


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