Do guys like the indie style or sophisticated style?

I have a very diverse fashion sense.

Most of the time, I'll wear some Express jeans, either light or dark wash and a classy, solid colored shirt with some flip flops. I call it simple and sophisticated. And I always accessorize with jewelry and a handbag.

Then sometimes I get the urge to dress indie. I'll wear some skinny jeans, Ed Hardy sneakers and patterned shirts, or a band tee. And wear a studded handbag.

Which look do guys prefer?

I don't want to come off as a tomboy, I want to look feminine but I feel great, albeit a different kind of great when I wear my two different styles out and about.

And specifically, on a first date - which look would you prefer?


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  • Your style sounds pretty cool as it is. However, may I suggest a hint of haute couture? Maybe throw in heels and a Hermes silk scarf.

    • Thanks, I like my style, I just don't know how it translates to guys. I can't walk in heels to save my life, I should practice, because when I seldom do wear heels I feel infinitely sexier. And I have an American Apparel scarf, you know the one that is so versatile you can wear it 30+ ways? I adore it.

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  • ANY unique style. Just don't look like other girls, or worse, a lot of other girls.

    • I'm not a label whore. I don't wear what every other girl is wearing, I follow trends but I also cater them to my own personal style.

  • Lol well try what suits you. I mean all guys would have diffrent opinion. So best idea try both.


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