Why does he look down quickly after looking into my eyes to say hi?

He is most likely just shy, but it almost seems like he is ashamed to be making eye contact with me. Its a direct eye contact as opposed to a casual glance...but then he looks at the ground as quickly as possible.


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  • He doesn't know how to handle direct eye contact. You're probably really attractive to him and by looking down instead of into your eyes he doesn't have to "acknowledge" you as strongly, or he feels ashamed for looking. If you'd like to get to know him it might be a good idea to start the conversation (yeah, "against the rules" or whatever) because it's not certain that he will, given he can't even keep eye contact.

  • He is not ashamed. he just is shy of looking at you , because if he does he will expose his feelings of love and lust . He will loose control , stutter ... and he will look bad. So in a way , he is taking defensive action not against you but against messing up infront of you .


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