How can I cure resting bitch face (for men)?

I think a lot of people don't like approaching me. I just look unfriendly and unapproachable. I have a severe mental illness that might be the cause.

As of now I have no friends. And I have never had a girlfriend.

I have had rbf since middle school. I was kind of a quiet nerd. So I made myself look tough so that the thug kids wouldn't bother me. It seemed to kind of work.

Thanks for any input.


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  • Its possible that you've already tried this, but maybe try always having a smile on your face. You dont have to have a super wide grin, just a small smile might do, although thats up to you. Also, find things that you enjoy listening to or doing so that it lifts up your mood and so you'll be able to give off a happy air too. there's also looking into posture and the signals we send out with our body language. Some people can innately tell what kind of a mood others are in by how the people walk as well as other subtle signals. Hope you feel better about it all

  • You can't lol I have a resting bitch face too


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