Do girls often get that brownish fake tan to try and impress black guys?

Now let me say that there is nothing at all wrong with white girls liking black guys. But, from what I've seen, most white girls with those ridiculously dark fake tans are always hanging out with black guys or dating them.

Am I right? If I am, then I know exactly which girls aren't attracted to white guys, which would save a bunch of time.

I'm a white guy, so if this is true, I know to not even bother talking to girls with those fake tans.


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  • i don't think it has any correlation. I'm not a white girl so I may not be the best person to answer this, but whenever I see black guys and white girls the white girl doesn't usually have a dark fake tan. maybe it is different styles/trends in your area. where I'm from most of the fake tan/blond hair white girls go out with preppy white guys. check to see how she dresses. if she dresses kind of hip hop/urban/flashy then she probably likes black guys more than white


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