Strapless dress for a wedding??

I bought a silver strapless dress that is form fitting and goes to about my knees. It doesn't show any cleavage. Is it okay for a wedding? The wedding is later in the day/early night.

It's similar to this dress but it's all silver and a little longer.


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there's no lace on the dress I got either


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  • Excellent tatse! I love the dress.Maybe I'll propose to you,ha,ha! Seriously,it's a great dress,but if you're a little apprehensive,pair it with a nice sweater ,blazer/dinner jacket,or even a shrug or a wrap.What do you think? You'll be stunning.Go have a good time and make the guys go crazy!


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  • i think it may be a little dressy , cause its def. going to catch eyes

    the rule of a wedding is if the bride looks like a 10 , you should be like a 7 and not EVER look better than her even if your damn megan fox.

    • Yea I don't plan on our doing the bride at all, but I want to look good because I'm meeting a lot of my boyfriend's friends. I'm leaning towards getting a jacket that way if its too much I can keep the jacket on otherwise take it off if it seems okay to.

  • wear a shawl

  • I think it's fine. I would wear that to a wedding :)

  • I think is great ;) really cute...

  • You're fine, but maybe bring a cute sweater along just in case.

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