DD boobs but can't find a supportive backless bra any opinions on the duct tape trick?

I have a wedding out of country in less then a month and my dress is backless but I can't find a backless bra that has enough support. My boyfriend suggested using duct tape has anyone tried it with a big bust?


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  • That sounds incredibly painful and stupid
    What about those sticky boob things you can buy off amazon?

    • Doesn't work for my size. No enough support.

    • I'm a DD and never had any issues.
      But good luck on what ever u choose to do!
      Won't duct tape sweat off? Like get less sticky?

    • Do you have a suggestion on one? I'm a38 DD and have had no luck.

      No it's not suppose to.

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  • Hey - forget tape, my (34F) ex would tell you it's very painful to remove and it will fail during the course of the evening anyway - it's a complete liability, you'll be miserable. The question is - what's the style, cut and fit of the dress and what's your natural shape like? Dresses like that are designed and intended to be worn braless. DD is far from huge - do you NEED support, or do you just think that you do because you usually wear a bra and it's an ingrained habit?

    Not knowing anything about you or the dress I can't promise anything but I really encourage you to try the dress without a bra and be objective - there's every chance you'll look truly amazing. Your chest doesn't need to be hoisted up under your chin for you to look great - your natural shape may very well look perfect just the way it is. I accept some girls really don't look their best without support - but far more do look beautiful that way in a backless dress, they just need the confidence to go for it.

    A curvy girl in a backless dress with a poorly concealed bra is a sad and tragic look - the same girl with the confidence to embrace her natural shape and wear the dress as intended is a genuinely wonderful and gorgeous thing! As I say, I do get that for some it really doesn't work, but I promise you there's every chance it could. So don't torture yourself with tape - be brave and see if you can surprise yourself. Very best of luck! :)

    • I have 38DD boobs so I need some support and it's a loose maxi dress so the dress contains None I need something. I was thinking of just using baby oil to get it off.

    • Hmm I see. And you've actually tried the dress on without support and it genuinely doesn't look good? If coverage is an issue, fashion tape can fix that, that's easy. But it won't support. DD is not excessively large, why is it you're so sure you 'need' support, is your bust really too low without it or is it that you just feel uncomfortable without it? If the former (and if you're not just being too self-critical) I must admit I'm stumped! If the latter I'd still vote for confidence and bravery, you really could look awesome. Baby oil doesn't help by the way - my ex tried it - still painful! Very best of luck in any case :)

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  • Tape would hurt a heap to remove but maybe you could get some that doesn't hurt so much to remove and just use small pieces to give you lift and not to tape your nips? Does the dress have any built in support? Do you need much support?

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