How to impress a guy without talking to him?

I know, I know- this is a stupid question. But I'm going to ask anyways.

So I'm trying to catch this guys attention and I'm not sure how. Any ideas?

He's a skateboarder if that makes any difference, so he's really into the style of clothes and all that stuff. Thanks.


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  • haha I skate too! maybe this is important, maybe it isn't, but the majority of skateboarders I know are turned off by a girl who's good at skating. I really don't know why, but I get turned off by female skaters too. BUT! I always notice people with skate brand clothing, no matter who they are or what they look like (I know it sounds immature and judgmental, but it's really true). it makes me think to myself, "this person must skate, or know something about skating, I might go talk to them." If you can, find a friend with a DC shirt or something and borrow it for a few days and wear it around him or something. Or maybe find a shirt that isn't made by such a mainstream company like, KR3W, Plan B, Enjoi, Girl, etc. I always notice shoes too. wear Vans or Chucks or skate boat shoes or something haha. But that's just to get his attention, don't go too far. that's my two cents anyways :P

    • Oh I agree with Ephram also, you should just talk to him. or make eye contact and smile or something

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  • I can't see myself being impressed by a girl unless she actually talks to me. The max she can do is catch my attention, but to really impress me she will have to at least talk to me.

    Unless you have some really amazing talent, and he sees you while you're doing that, I don't really know what you could do.


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