Girls, Am I normal?

I am not gay. I am completely attracted to girls. However, I'd much rather wear dresses, skirts, girl's underwear and so on, much more than guys clothes.

this is an example of what I like to wear.

Girls, Am I normal?

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  • I think you're the one I have been talking to on that other question (don't worry, your identity is safe with me). Honestly, just be you 😊 People will always judge. You'll always have people who think you're a freak. You'll always have people who will think you're weird. You'll always have people who can't accept you. But there will always be plenty of people in your life who will accept you and love you. You're not weird. You're not a freak. You're you, you're unique. There are other men who are into the same thing as well. So you're not alone 😊 i know it's hard but try not to let the haters affect you. You seem like a cool guy from what I've seen! You'll never get any judgment from me. I know what's it's like to be judged for being yourself. So if you ever wanna talk about anything or if you ever wanna just talk about girl clothes, I'm here! Haha I know what it's like to be able to finally be able to talk to someone and be yourself!!!

    • Don't think I'm the guy you've been talking to. This is the first I've posted in months. However, I appreciate what you've said very much. I don't know if you are an actual female, but if you are, you are a God send. It would be incredible to be able to talk to a girl about things such as this.

    • Lol then I've been talking to a guy that's into a very similar thing! Haha so there ya go! You're not the only one! Yes I am an actual girl lol I know why you'd be suspicious though. Thank you! Yeah! You can message me 😊

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  • Keep expressing yourself. You're not the only one, I have a few friends who I can hear saying the same words you're saying and they're some of the greatest & sweetest friends I've ever had. It's a trending hobby in Asia and so let your creativity shine. Don't let a bunch of others tell you you're not normal. You're cool like that.

  • Manly men wore kilts in Ireland. I would only find it a problem if my partner took my undies.

    • I do like feminine undies but would never take what wasn't mine :)

  • I wouldn't date you, but I would be friends with you.

    • Fair. Thanks for your honesty :)