What should I wear for Halloween?

*I know that this question is kind of basic and that it is a whole month left to Halloween, but I want to pick up my outfit early*

Ok, at first:I'm 14, my hair color is blonde and my eyes are blue. I like cute and classy outfits and I don't like dressing up as things (toothbrush, a cup of coffee, a table, etc), I don't like funny costumes and I don't like childish costumes. Last year I dressed up as a black cat and it was cute. You can also copy links of Halloween outfits in comments.

*people, please help
I'm really indecisive, I mean, I am a stereotypical Libra, so please, help me!*

I will like all of your suggestions.

Also, please, no Harley Quinn. Every girl will dress up as her.
Not every, I know, but I mean, maybe you got the point. It will be a lot of Harley Quinn's this Halloween.


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  • Harley Quinn is basic but you went as a black cat last year? Uh a black cat is pretty basic. Be a vampire or something.