So there's this guy (the same from my other question) who I totally dig, but lots of people think he's gay. Even one of the people answering my question commented that he sounded gay just from the behavior I described.


1. Clothes

- he's kind of into style: as in he'll show me his cool new belt or shoes that he just got.

- he just wears jeans, a T-shirt (usually some sort of print about a band or music he likes) and some converse shoes.

(lots of guys are like that though: like all the guys who shop at ambercrobie and fitch and stores like that, they aren't necessarily gay, just into cool cloths)

2. Friends

- his closest friend is a guy (or the person who I think is his closest friend anyways). This friend is Definitely not gay

- he has lots of other guy friends, but his other closest friends are girls

- I have never seen him make any flirtations moves toward a guy (lol)

3. Behavior

- he flirts with girls a lot

- he'll comment on how a chick is really hot (but not in a, "oooo she's really pretty" sort of way).

- he'll joke about gay people every once in a while (no offense anyone)

-he's had girlfriends before

-in class we were required to give someone in the room a complement, and a boy complimented him on being really funny. later he was telling me about it and all I will say is that it involved the word 'adorable' *CRINGE* (I know that was a big one in favor of gay)

(ok, I know. 'adorable' ?but a lot of guys are just kind of girly like that, aren't they?)

4. Extras

- once, after he made a joke about a gay kid (sorry! no offense anyone) he commented that was kind of a mean thing to do, because he had been accused of being gay, and that he's not.

- I honestly, do not get a gay vibe from him ( but maybe that's because I don't want him to be)

- he's not all weak and frail, he's into sports and pretty dang buff.

- he does sometimes make crude guy jokes

REMEMBER: Some guys are just a little girly.

What do you all think


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  • He is not gay in that case every guy at my school would be gay lol no but that just show that he cares about how he looking nothing bad with that.


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  • Its sound like he is feminine but it still questionable that he might be gay. The only way to find out is by being patient.

  • He may be guy idon't know=)


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  • I think you gave all the reasons why he wouldn't be gay (and it kind of sounds like you're trying to convince YOURSELF that he's not gay) but none, besides the adorable thing, hinting that he is gay. From what you wrote, I don't see why others would accuse him as gay, so maybe you're leaving things out. Why do these other people think he's gay? What do they say? Is it the way he dresses, the way he talks the way he acts?

  • no, he's definitely note gay, at least from the details you gave.