What can I use to lighten the skin on my face?

I want to lighten my skin to make me look better and hope to attract potential mates with my lighter skin tone. My skin was lighter when I was a kid but got darker from being in the sun over the years. I'm hope someone can recommend me some cosmetics that I can use to lighten my skin. See photo of me.



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  • Nothing safe. Skin bleachers are really bad for your skin and contain really dangerous ingredients. You're better off staying healthy and not getting involved with people who judge one another based on their skin color.

    • True. Unfortunately lot of people see light skin to be better looking so I'm willing to risk anything to improve my physical features. Being brown skin is tough and I don't want this skin color anymore.

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    • So your saying I'm stuck with dark skin? Ugh this is gonna suck.

    • You should be proud of your skin color. It's the product of millions of years of evolution.

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  • Avoid the sun.

  • BB cream. Has amazing benefits and it's what I use on my face daily.

  • Put lime on your face before bed, sleep with it on, and the next morning, wash your face.
    It will brighten your skin after doing this a few times.


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