I talk to a girl but then she disappears.

This has happened to me a couple times, only cashier girls at places I go to a lot, because my lifestyle doesn't allow me much time to actually meet girls, anyways I talk to them get to know them a little, one of them even wanted to know where I lived and worked and she told me what road I lived on, well after the conversation ended on a good note I thought to myself after each time 'I'm going to ask her out next time I see her', one problem, I never see them again after that, if it happened once I would think 'oh maybe she's on vacation' or something but three times, a little more than a coincidence if you ask me. SO, what do you think?

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Thanks sarcastic and ryan makes sense, so if I understand correctly I should ask her out after talking with her? my reasoning is she will say yes or no the 1st time I meet her or the 5th time I meet her so what difference does it make? out of room
Don't worry though I won't ask out the girl who only says, 'how is your day?' thinking she's my soul mate :D


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  • Maybe she's just working at a different location or she quit and has schooling to deal with. There are so many reasons why you won't see them. Especially if she works in a big company than most likely will be really hard to see them again especially when shifts change and schedules change. Maybe if this keeps happening ask her if she wants to grab coffee, that or just don't bother talking to cashier girls because that doesn't seem like the greatest place to pick up a girl.


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  • yeah I've had things like this happen to me before , where I meet a girl or see a girl working somewhere that I'm interested in but then she disappears . my guess is it has very little to do with you or anything you did . she could of just found a better job or moved to another department . which happens a lot to people working in low paying retail jobs , the turnover rate is very high and attractive girls do not stay long and move on to better paying server jobs where they can make tips . trust me if she is good looking and working at say wal mart don't expect her to stay more than a month , so maybe you need to ask for the # much sooner instead of waiting so long

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