Girls, do I look like a puppy?

Recently a girl said I look like a puppy. What does it mean when a girl says that?

Here's a link to a picture of me: i. imgur. com/Wqs5hcU. png (remove space in link to access then copy and paste)- Let me know if the link does not work please!

Can you see what she means? Do I look like a puppy?


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  • Some things she might be thinking when she said this:

    If she likes you: "You're making blush!!! Ahh, t-too close, n-nn >//< got to say something that will make him move back a little..."
    Explanation: Some girls are just into cute things and it might be a shy girl who think cute guys are attractive. Calling you cute means she wants you. She wants to hold you, she thinks you look huggable, she wants to touch you, you look innocent and sweet and she's lured in to you.

    If she just sees you as a friend: "Wait, was he trying to flirt with me? Got to make this clear." -says you look like a puppy-
    Explanation: Guys would rather be called manly and cool. Being called cute and being compared to a puppy just says you're harmless and she has grouped you in the 'pet'/'friend' zone. Maybe you've been acting too hyper around her that she suddenly realizes you're acting like a puppy and safest thing to say is "You look like a puppy."

    Personally, I can't really say you don't look/look like a puppy without knowing you. It's more of something you say to a guy to describe either, his personality or his recent behavior.

    I hope the explanations above helped though, and if not, hope you find what you're really looking for. Cheers~

    • but judging by my pic, can you see what she means?

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    • I know what you're saying. Most girls my age are into the 'pretty boys' which is not me haha

    • Correction: most girls are into guys who LIKE make-up.
      Your kind is a dying breed, let's be honest. I don't know, you're attractive to me, whether you admit it or not. What happened to guys who were, just guys? There's "Grooming" and there's "Self-Obsession". There aren't many guys who are just well groomed anymore, so you should be proud of yourself.

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  • If I told a guy he looked like a puppy it would be because:

    1- he has adorable features that somehow reminds me of a dog
    2-it depends on how she said it tho. If she looked disgusted then of course it wasn't a compliment.
    3-I love dogs & think everything cute looks like them.

    • but do i look like a puppy judging by my pic?

    • Oh, I was unable to see the pic. But I would take it as a compliment. Especially if she squealed when she said it. Lol

  • That girl is a weird girl.

    • so I don't?

    • How does a human look like an animal? 👀!!

      Anyway, you can take it as perhaps she thinks you are cute, considering all puppy's are cute, even the ugly ones lol

  • Sorry, I was unable to access the pic.

    • https:// i. imgur. com/Wqs5hcU. png try this one (just remove the space in the link)

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    • i. imgur. com/Wqs5hcU. png this will work

    • Haha... lol
      Thanks for trying dear, but it isn't working. Don't worry. I doubt you look like a puppy. 😊

  • She probably means that you're cute.

    • did you see the pic? do you think i look like a puppy?

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    • You should get rid off the moustache!

    • How old do I look in the recent pic?