Don't wanna look to slutty OR look just plain boring?

Going to annual prize giving meal next week and not sure what to wear. Really wanna impress some of the guys who'll be there BUT don't wanna look to slutty OR look just plain boring! One of my friends is wearing a bright purple, really short tight dress and I've heard the guys say she always tries to hard and cares to much about how she looks so I don't want to give that impression.

Dress or shorts and top?

Black, Red, Pale pink?

heels or not?

tights or not?

Natural make up or eyeshadow, the works?

Any help appreciated!

Thanks xox


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  • Tights with a dress ? How about hose or stockings with a dress...Not too tight or too short. Too tight and too short and bare legged is a real low brow look...unless that is what you want.


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