What are some good ponytail-like hairstyles?

I have to wear a ponytail at work because of this reason: if I wear my hair loose, the hair falls in my face and before my eyes, and I can't see my surroundings anymore. I think this is bullshit. It's not even about hair fallIing out. I have had long hair my whole life so it won't make me blind if I don't wear a ponytail at work. I can see fine, I can see everything. I am used to it, and it takes about 1 second to remove the hair infront of my eyes. So I want to find a hairstyle in which my hair can't fall for my eyes but it isn't a ponytail. Like, it still looks good. I found one like a french braid, your hair is loose but in a braid kinda. Something like that. Thanks


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  • inside out pony! It's super stylish and its so easy! just look up a youtube video on it and you're all set!
    or a regular pony but take a small section of hair from the under-side of your pony and braid it, wrap it around the hair elastic and bobby pin it down. any simple braid going to your pony will look GREAT and it is simple too


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