Would you like a girl like me?

I just wonder how I seem to you,cause I sometimes feel like nobody likes me

so I´m nice,quite smart(actually everyone in college thinks I´m the smartest one there),funny(kinda boyish kind of humor,like kate beckinsale if you know of seen her on talk shows),a bit shy,humble,i love sports like tennis,volleyball,skating,soccer,music,movies,animals..I´m natural,don´t wear much make up,simple clothes,..

about my looks:dark long hair,green/blue eyes with yellow circle around the pupil and brown spots, beauty spot at my lower lip,5'6", around 114 lbs,..


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  • Wow! You seem pretty awesome to me!

    From your description, the only thing that I can find that might be a turn off to a guy is your intelligence. Some guys are going to be intimidated by a girl who's smarter than them. That said, a guy who doesn't want a smart girl isn't worth your time. I personally find intelligence to be one of my biggest turn-ons.

    • You may be right about the guys being intimidated because guys in college treat me a bit differently than other girls there..like they would compliment the not so bright fashionistas girls about their looks,but they would just stare at me from time to time not saying anything shallow..they also talk to me differently

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  • From what you say about yourself all you need to complete the list is a few ego boosters to help your confidence.

    What you say about yourself seems to add up to a very likeable person indeed. The fact that you have been complimented on your smartness shows there is no reason you would not be acceptable as part of the social set around you.

    I like Kate Beckinsale too ... you must be a special lady and you deserve to be thought of as that, your confidence level must be really as you are able to be natural and attach no importance to cosmetics as a stepladder.

    As you have lots of interests you will have lots of conversation and for a deep relationship that is always fresh that is vital.

    You have all it takes ... perhaps it is time to reduce the 'humble' factor in that list? It is a quality that ought to be valued more in this world, sadly not so.

    I hope you get a good variation of points of view from girls - this is all from a male perspective of course [smile]

    • Well I agree with you totally :-)

    • Yeah,I?m not very confident, If I were I would not be so nice I guess:) actually male?s perspective is what I was looking for as I don?t know how they feel about someone like me..thx for ur answer

  • you sound like a sweetheart to me. I think you are reading too much into yourself as a prize for someone. its your personality that will catch guys, the essence of what makes you unique, not what makes you like others. You will be fine. I'm sorry you're lonely, it happens to the best of us. But this is also a time to grow and flourish in who you are. Make eye contact with someone. shoot a smile someone's way. I'm a lonely guy, and I think my biggest obstacle is knowing when she's interested, so I don't come off like a creep. something as simple as allowing your eyes to meet frequently is all it would take for a gentlemen to notice you and proceed.

    at any rate you sound like you have nothing to worry about, just a few self doubts that we all kick around from time to time. furthermore, if I were eye to eye with you, I would probably ask you out on the spot. just smile and let the sun shine on your face, you'll be just fine, and you sound amazing.

  • What guy wouldn't?

  • its a difficult question to answer since I obv don't know you but from what you've said I reckon you seem pretty cool. natural beauty is way better than when girls pile on the makeup, bein smart is definitely a good thing in my opinion. shy is endearing. and funny is brilliant!

  • I think most guys who are looking for a long term relationship would give it a shot with you..

    • Cool cause I would only want a long term relationship as well

  • You sound like an angel to me :)

    and yes I would like a girl like you .. and exactly like you !

    • Oh,thats so nice:)thx

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  • Hey I used to think similarly. And in college I had limited friends. My thinking pattern I believe is different from other girls around me. In fact I make good frenz with guys instinctively if they're like minded.And have only one gal pal who is very close to my heart. I am friendly, no nonsense, funny, happy hearted, strong minded. don't socialize much, just bcuz I don't feel the need. That projects me as shy, mysterious, almost unsociable most of the times with people around me. Few months back my best friend proposed me . And our relationship is going great.

    It's not like, people don't like you . Am sure you like being yourself :-) Don't get influenced, you are just doing great..It's nice to have less right people in your life than having to deal with non compatible issues.

    Take care