Is this a good dress for a wedding?

it s not a close one
check avi


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  • Looks great, you'll be the star of the show instead of the bride :D
    Just curious, where was that pic in your profile taken? I see a happy tourist there!


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  • Yeah it's cute!! Not really my style but it looks good on you 😊

    I personally prefer more tight fitting, simple dresses like the one in the picture

    • yea I like those too
      but the ones I have are a bit more clubbing and I don t wanna buy new dresses when I have a lot I did n t wear.
      I had this dress for like 3 years and only wore it once

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    • @redeyemindtricks ah no I don t know what they ll be wearing XD
      and it looks fine from the side and bacl
      thanks for the feedback :)

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