Does getting your septum pierced hurt?

I'm getting my septum pierced, if I don't chicken out.

Some think it hurts and others think it doesn't or it just hurts right as the needle goes through. I have a high threshold for pain (I broke my wrist/dislocated my forearm and barely cried; got a Monroe piercing as well) but I don't know if it would hurt still, since the nose is incredibly sensitive.



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  • I got my septum pierced last Friday(2mm), and I was surprised it didn't hurt more. Of course, it hurts a little, but it's not that bad, and it's gone as soon as the jewellery is in place. Piercing my lobe(4mm) actually did hurt more imo. The tears get watery though.


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  • i didn't get my septum pierce but I got my doesn't hurt at all..just an uncomfortable 3 second pressure...maybe because I got tattoos and like 2 other piercings that made me feel this expect your eyes to get watery don't wear too much eye makeup lol

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