Favorite eye color on a girl?

Random. I know. But take the poll. :)

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  • I like every color, buy brown is my favorite for every type of girl. Blue can also be my favorite only if she is blond.


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What Guys Said 2

  • the colour of her eyes wouldn't be a huge issue to me either way as her eyes in general are usually sexy I mind , the colour of them isn't a big issue

  • It depends on the type of girl for me.

    White girl - Green; Asian girl - Light brown; Arabic girl - Dark brown.

    Either way it's not a major factor.


What Girls Said 1

  • Something interesting that I read a while back-

    Blue eyes are recessive, genetically, to brown eyes, which means that if a brown-eyed person and a blue-eyed person have a child, that child's eyes will be brown, whereas if two blue-eyed people have a child, that child's eyes will be blue.

    According to the article I read, blue-eyed males have a strong preference for blue-eyed women, because it serves as a visual test (upon having a child) as to whether she has been faithful (because if she got pregnant by a brown-eyed man, it'll be obvious). Brown-eyed men, on the other hand, since their eye color is dominant and will override anything else, have no such preference.

    In practice, it might not always go that way, but since I saw something of a shift towards blue eyes in male responses (and towards brown eyes in female responses), I thought I'd share some background information. Either way, it's neat to think about how genetics influence behavior.

    • Thats actually really cool I never thought about that..thanks for the random and intresting peice of info lol :)

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