Alternative words for swearing. Please help!

I've been trying not to swear for many reasons: it's morally wrong, it's a turn off towards guys, and it's not who I am/who I want people to see me as. To prevent using swears, I want to replace them with alternative words. Any ideas? Thank you! Please rate:)


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  • If you don't want to swear, but still want a word to say for those situations, try just using different ones. I'm a bit of a potty-mouth around my friends, but I try to avoid it around some people (my girlfriend and parents for example), so I just replace words:

    F**k with frick or frack

    S**t with crap

    D**n with Darn and Dammit with Darn it

    Instead of a Bi**h or a Bas***d just use jerk or something else equally innocent.

    If you want to be really ridiculous just insert random non-related words instead of swears, it can lead to hilarious results.


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  • Don't replace the swear words with other words, everyone knows that you want to say a swear word instead when you do that. It's just something you have to work on and try to not say them at all in certain situations. It's tough but just imagine if there was a little kid around you, and practice talking without swearing. I work at an elementary school, so if I can do it, you can too.

  • Why swear to begin with? Rephrase your statement ahead of time, or simply "pause" instead of saying the word. Here's some examples:

    Example 1) Rephrasing

    Old way: That !@#$ing idiot has really p*ssed me off!

    New way: "That guy has really p*ssed me off!"

    Example 2) "Pausing"

    Old way: "Ouch! !@$# I can't believe I !@#$ing hit my foot. !@#$ing christ it's bleeding!"

    New way: "Ouch! I can't believe I hit my foot. Christ it's bleeding!"

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • A real turn off is someone using goofy words instead of what they're actually thinking/wanting to say. Either just say it or don't at all. I swear all the time, and most of the people around here do and nobody seems to mind, at all.

  • Watch Zohan and you'll see a lot of jewish sounding words that would actually be funny instead of a turn off. Trust me a swearing girl is one who I'm not going to ask out.

  • its silly to use...

    fudge,darn,front door, wiener, poop, etc...its so childish...just say F**k! and all your problems will be solved.

  • F*ck - Fudge

    Sh*t - Poop

    Asshole - Jerk

    That's all I can think of. Sorry I'm not very creative.

  • EFF YOU or dude you thingy is small =P


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  • i replace them with these


    oh fudge nuggets!


    pants on the ground


    "you're a bad person" for asshole,

    hezus (yeah I know its spelled jesus, but this is the correct pronunciation"

    yeah they're not great but when you're angry and you scream "pants on the ground" you might feel a bit better :)

  • okay I use freak instead of the f word, and my firend uses mother trucker. and just say whatever is on your mind if your really mad. just random words. the other day I called my firend and oob, even though I don't know what an oob is lol

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