Should a person with a big nose do a short haircut?

I have an oval face shape and a big nose, i'm not really sure if a short haircut would look good on me, since my nose would standout from the rest of the face if i do.

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  • Yes. Adrien Brody looks better with short hair.
    Maybe you would too...

    If you have a long, slender face, chances are long hair would eat your face up - so short hair is a better option.

    • Yeah, but he does not has a wide nose, by big I mean, like big and wide lol

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  • Longer hair but not too long where it is not becoming.
    Shorter will make it more prominent and more noticeable.

    • Not too awful short with nose like this. Your stylist or barber will help in this.

  • Well I'm a girl with a fat wide nose, I have long hair. However it's not really about the length it's more about the fullness and parting, having a middle parting is a bit like having an arrow pointing right down to your nose.
    So basically my advice to you is to get a haircut if you want, but just make sure it's not flat to your head and it has volume, this way you'll have something drawing the attention to it rather than just your nose


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