Is my friend interested in me?

Met my friend in December and hung out a few times, played pool and what not. Then in Jan. we attempted to work on a project together, but it fell through, but we remained friends. I got caught up with another friend of mine and spent a lot of time with him, but then he left the picture. It was a platonic relationship.

So I began spending more time with the guy I met in Dec. and we would meet up for coffee, walk around different towns, go to poetry readings and parks. And it's usually just the two of us. We talk a lot on the phone. In the beginning, the calling was 50/50, but now he does more of the calling. He's really easy-going, gorgeous, funny, unique and has a great sense of style. He's also open-minded. But he's been hurt by his ex, so he doesn't trust most women.

He's a lot younger than me, but has an amazing spirit and is very goal-oriented. He said a couple of weeks ago that he was glad he had me to talk to, cause his other friends only bitch about themselves. He's not flirty though. We hug once in a while, or he might squeeze my shoulders a little, but other than that, it's strictly on a friendship level.

Today, I ran into him at the coffee shop and we talked and then he asked me if I wanted to go to a park with him. We spent over 2 hours there, just walking around, enjoying the nice day. But sometimes he'll make comments about attractive joggers that run by him. He's not a pig or anything and he rarely talks about other women, but once, when I asked if he was going to a poetry reading, he said if there were going to be any hot women there. It just makes me think if we're just going to remain friends, which is fine by me, but I would not hesitate at the opportunity of being in love with him. I haven't been in many relationships and the kind they were, they didn't start out as a friendships. I tended to dive into them. So this is uncharted territory to have feelings for a friend. The men I've been with made it loud and clear that we were together. I understood their blatant signals. I've never dated much or have been courted, so I am blinded by the signs of whether he's into me or not, so your advice is appreciated. oh, he also went out of his way to drive me to an interview, since my car was getting fixed. He lives a good 40 min. from me. He really helped me out on that one.


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  • i think he's interested