Is he attracted to me? What do you think?

He does this:

-he watches me when I talk to other guys.

-he stares at my face a lot (he'll move his gaze from my eyes, to nose, mouth).

-once, I wore a strapless top and he spent a LONG time staring at my boobs. It was more like he was examining them, or trying to see exactly what they looked like. It was a trashy top, I wore something over it unbuttoned.

-he pays attention to what I do.

here's why I wonder: he never talks to me unless we have to work together and he never asks me to hang out. in fact, he basically ignores me unless we're partners.


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  • If he does this over and over, he might be attracted to you, but is afraid to make the first move. Does he know that you notice him looking at you? If this is a one time thing, then he might just be examining you. He probably does think you are hot since he stared at almost every part of your body.


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