If you are 49 or older do you dye?

I'm considering making a change. I still have most my hair color and a bit of grey at the sideburn area. People keep telling me my hair color is pretty. But long ago I got tired of having red hair (strawberry blond). I'm wondering if others have got tired of it and made a change. Also if you noticed any issues at your age having your hair dyed.

  • No
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  • Yes but only touch ups or my original color best I can match
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  • Yes something other than my natural color
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  • I like the rainbow colors (if so how long does it last?)
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  • I get highlights or foils done
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  • I've thought about it but haven't done it
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  • good luck finding a 49+ female on here...
    i've only seen two

    anyhow, my mom who is 60+ often dyes her black hair with brown highlights

    • We are all over the place. I don't look as old as I am or I'd of been a full head of snowy white hair years ago. haha... I don't know if I should grey with grace as they call it. I kind of like the thought of dying my hair violet or teal. Not sure how that would take with me having red hair.

    • you should talk with a stylist about that
      depending on the hair color they dye will give off a different hue
      for example, when i had red highlights, it came out a really pretty burgundy

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What Guys Said 1

  • Mine is white on the sides since I'm blonde but not thinking of dying it yet

    • A long time ago when I was younger I did make my hair blond for awhile and it looked kind of funky when the natural red came back. I think though depending on shade of blond it isn't as noticeable when you go white. Strangely enough I saw at one barber shop that some people deliberately made their hair all white and were quite young. I didn't realize that was a in thing to do.

    • That's strange for young people to do, mine looks ok being white on the sides

What Girls Said 1

  • My mother is around that age and she dyes her hair blonde. Naturally, she is a brunette.