If you're over 49 do you perm your hair?

If you do perm it does it have any issues you notice over when your hair was younger? Such as does it bother your natural hair color?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • My mom used to perm her hair (She is 50 something), and it never bothered her natural hair colour. I used to perm mine as well, and it never changed colour either.

    Both permed straight by the way.

    • I have the dreaded fine hair afro. If I braid my hair it keeps it wavy and seems to keep the afro at bay but if I iron my hair or curl it with curlers the moment humidity hits my hair goes poof. So I'm considering perming it either with big curls or straight. Though I'm also considering dying it violet or teal if that will work over my red hair. I like the look of those rainbow pastel hair colors I see.

    • Remember that perming and colouring hair contributes to damaged.

      Colouring your hair after perming it gives good results. Violet might work over red hair, teal might make it darker without actually giving any colour pay-off.

      If you want to rainbow pastel colour your hair you'll probably have to bleach it, which damages it even more.

      You should curl your hair. Curls are so cute. Tho, I'll admit straight hair has its charm to. The decision is 100% up to you tho.

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What Guys Said 1

  • No I would never do that , never wanted curly hair and it damages it

    • My problem is my hair is curly. More like a fine afro. I can straighten it with an iron but the moment it hits moisture it goes to a fro cross with Einstein hair. I've tried using regular curlers and even with hair spray its like the iron I easily go fro if I'm out but if I'm home it looks great.

    • What if you put a doo rag on like the guys with an afro do, maybe that might work but you'll look funny trying

What Girls Said 1

  • I think perming your hair can actually damage it a lot, so I'd avoid it if I were you.